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Leah Boresow

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Boresow began choreographing works starting in 2007, and since then has expanded her repertoire to include multiple contemporary dance works. Boresow's choreography is driven by the idea that all movement is meaningful, and all artists can move with meaning. Using the notion that the less obvious ideas are often more attractive, Boresow strives to highlight unusually special movement to bring the choreography to the spotlight, and let dancing speak for itself. Her choreography presents a wide range of artistic ideas that don't aim to limit or be limited in this world of dance; moving is the goal, using comprehensive tools of technical dance foundation, curiosity, and passion. Boresow hopes to spread these ideas throughout the dance community, through continuous connection of artists and through dancing with complete belief.

 Boresow has exposed her work both nationally and internationally, and looks forward to showing more of her work in the future.

To view Leah's work, please visit her Youtube channel.